Cienfuegos located south of Cuba in the Caribbean Sea, is known as «The Pearl of the Caribbean», with its Historic Center recognized as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage since 2005. It is the only city in Cuba whose precursors were, mostly French, so which its environment maintains an afrancesado air, perfectly preserved.
The natural attractions of Cienfuegos are varied and ideal for lovers of nature tourism, both on land and at sea.
Multiple are the places to visit such as the Niche, the Guamuhaya Massif, the Yaguanabo Valley and Jagua Bay. In addition, Cienfuegos has the medicinal mining spa, in the town of Ciego de Montero, 20 km from the city.
Other places of interest within the city of Cienfuegos are Punta Gorda, the Malecon, the historic center and Paseo del Prado, where you can find the life-size statue of the illustrious composer and singer Beny Moré.
The visitor can reach Cienfuegos through the international airport, by land by regular bus, taxi or private transfers from Havana or Varadero.
Benny Moré statue. 37th Street and 54th Avenue.

El Benny was an emblematic figure of Cuban music, born in Santa Isabel de las Lajas, a municipality belonging to our province. Immortalized as the Barbarian of the Rhythm by the unique sound of his musical compositions. Perhaps the fact of being self-taught has magnified the myth, because, until today it is a mystery how he was able to direct, compose and interpret without having studied music. His tomb, located in the cemetery of Lajas, was declared a national monument since 2009. This statue was made by the artist José Villa Soberón; work erected in bronze, without pedestal. It was placed on the Paseo del Prado in 2004.

El Malecon. 37th Street from 40th to 24th Avenue.
This Promenade along the sea links the Urban Center with the residential area of ​​Punta Gorda, and is an excellent viewpoint of the bay. It takes us directly to the Yacht Club and charter base.

Cienfuegos Club. Calle 37/8 and 12.
Former building of the Cienfuegos Yacht Club: This beautiful property was inaugurated on August 31, 1920. The Cienfuegos Club has two restaurants whose specialty is seafood, an area to drink a Mojito and enjoy Cuban music, and a swimming pool to fully enjoy of an environment that mixes the colonial classic with the most modern catamarans for rent.